Crashing Down to Earth

The sequel to Stars and Satellites and set two years after the original book, Crashing Down to Earth is the first part of a new story featuring Glaswegian Hayley Foster and her guardian angel, Alex.

It has been two years since Hayley's life was threatened by Alexander's mad brother, Gabriel. Day-to-day life has resumed an air of normality, or as much as one can when living with an angel.

However, the peace is shattered when Alex's past returns to haunt him in the form of an ex-lover. As Alex tries to protect Hayley though, it quickly becomes apparent that far greater powers are at play, far bigger than either of them could have possibly imagined.

Join Hayley and Alex in the first part of their epic journey as they try to save Glasgow, as well as each other, from doom.

Crashing Down to Earth is available on Amazon Kindle now and will be released via Smashwords in the near future. The Kindle edition can be found here for US customers and here for UK customers.

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