Saturday, 8 August 2015

Lego Jurassic World Review (Nintnedo DS Version)

Hello, there! I hope everyone's enjoying their summer. I know it's been a while but here I am with a fresh review.

Hot on the heels of the T-Rex juggernaut that was Jurassic World, Lego released a game version of the hit movie on several gaming platforms.

I played the Nintendo 3DS version so I do not know how similar they compare to other versions.

But regardless, if you would prefer playing this game on the go rather than stuck in the house on the Xbox One then it definitely is worth your money.

The game allows players to relive all four films - although to begin with you will only be able to access the original and Jurassic World. 

As this is a Lego interpretation of the series, it takes some creative liberties with the plots and levels. While the stories are similar to the source material, the game does bypass some parts and focuses on the main points.

All the characters are also made of Lego, of course. The cut scenes are not bad but I don't understand why you can only watch a handful in 3D. It kind of defeats the purpose of being on the Nintendo 3DS.

Also the audio quality of the voices is awful. There are taken straight from the films but it sounds like they were recorded in a toilet.

The gameplay itself is pretty good. The controls are straight forward so anyone can play. While most puzzles again are straight forward some require you to look around and explore different areas before they can be solved.

However, if you have played previous Lego games Jurassic World will give you a sense of deja vu. There is nothing new in the game mechanics compared to previous games.

Lego Jurassic World gets 7/10.

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